Our Profession Of Customs Consultancy Summary Of 105 Years Of History

Customs Brokers Regulations


The first legal definition of profession is done with ‘Customs Brokers Regulations’ and is entered  into force on 1 July 1909.


The taking authorization is mandatory from the customs office for customs brokers. If customs brokers do not have the authorization, they can not follow job.


Transition to written declaration at Customs Office               


The first written declaration system with the regulation of 14 August 1909 at the customs Office.


According to the decision of 29.01.1911 dated and 569 numbered, the decleration of export and import is started to use.


The new Customs Brokers Regulations came into force with legal decision of 16 January 1924 dated and 168 numbered.


Customs procedures will followed by merchants, merchant servants, broker and officer in attendance according to the regulations. For the first time, the exam is became circumstance for customs brokerage.


The law of customs brokerage of the decision of 01.09.1927 dated and 1093 numbered entered into force.In accordance with law no 1093 in article 5 (which is formed fourteen article), customs brokers can not work other businesses.


With the customs law no 5383 dated on 11.05.1949, customs brokers institution was reorganized in the customs law.


Customs brokers’ power and responsibilities is defined again with same way with in accepted customs law no 1615 dated on 07.19.1972


Our profession’s qualifications with accepted customs law no 4458 dated on 27.10.1999 (education, training, working conditions, etc) is defined again under customs broker stille with increasing financial and personal punitive responsibilites.


Bu düzenleme ile birlikte Dolaylı Temsile Yetkili Gümrük Müşavirleri ve İdare adına bir kısım tespit ve işlemleri yapmaya yetkili Yetkilendirilmiş Gümrük Müşavirliği ihdas edilmiştir.


According to the administration of customs are conducted determination procedures with customs law no 5911 numbered made customs act of 4458 amendment, some qualifications are specified by the ministry and these qualifications are made by the customs brokers. With the purpose of the profession, properly authorized customs brokers system is organized as second area of focus. With this regulation,  the authority of customs brokers  are formed to do determination and other  processes in behalf of İndirect representation authority of customs brokers and the management.